Maccabi Gap Year

This 8-month program for teens ages 18-19 promises to be both memorable & unforgettable. Participants will have the opportunity to build their leadership skills via our Machon le Madrichim seminars, joining the IDF’s Marvá, train and assist with the Magen David Adom emergency service, live/work on a kibbutz, tour all over Israel, learn about the Shoah and travel to Poland for one week and see firsthand what they have learned. There will also be a segment where participants will live in Tel Aviv and throughout the program lots of touring and opportunities to discover and see Israel from many perspectives. North begins in September and South in March.

South: Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil.

North: USA Plus, Spain, México, Venezuela, Colombia and Guatemala.

Program details (North): 

» Stage 1 (Majon le Madrijim | Shoá course and Poland trip).

» Stage 2 (Kibbutz).

» Stage 3 (Tel Aviv).

» Stage 4 (Marvá | Maguen David Adom).


Bekeff Hachshara 

This program runs from August till June and is for teens that are ages 18-19 and "post high school". Participants have an opportunity to spend 4 to 8 months in Israel in an unforgettable program that includes the experience of living/working on a Kibbutz, training & assisting with Magen David Adom emergency service, joining the IDF's Marva, learning about the Shoah and traveling for a week to Poland to see what they learn firsthand.  The program will also include touring around Israel, living in Tel Aviv while attending Ulpan class and building strong bonds with their friends. Split into two segments to accommodate various countries. North begins in August & South in March.

North: USA Plus, México, Venezuela, Colombia and Guatemala

South: Panamá and Latin America.


Program Details

» Stage  1 (Kibbutz | Mediterranean to Kineret Sea-to-sea road trip (optional) | Scuba-Certify at Eilat diving school (optional).

» Stage 2 Elegí entre (Marvá with IDF | Maguen David Adom | Tel Aviv | Kibbutz).

» Stage 3 (Head North! Druze, Haifa, Snowy Hebron & touring Israel. | Shoah Course + 7 day march in Poland (optional).

» Stage 4  (Marvá or MDA).

» Stage 5 (1 month living in Tel Aviv.).

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Masa’s Product Development Department manages all existing programs and develops new programs to meet the constantly changing needs and interests of young Jewish communities around the world.

Masa Gap: Masa Gap Year programs offer college-bound high school graduates a year of valuable life experience before college, with Israel providing the perfect environment for them to explore their interests, identity, and future steps. Through a combination of academic coursework, volunteering, travelling, and an immersive experience in Israeli society, Fellows return home with the life skills to make the most out of their college experience.

המחלקה לפיתוח מוצרים של מסע מנהלת את כל התוכניות הקיימות ומפתחת תכניות חדשות העונות על צרכים והאינטרסים המשתנים ללא הרף של קהילות יהודיות ברחבי העולם.


תוכנית מסע:

תוכניות של שנת גאפ מציעות לבוגרי תיכון מכל רחבי העולם שנה של ניסיון חיים יקר לפני הקולג כאשר ישראל מספקת את הסביבה המושלמת עבורם לבחון את תחומי העניין שלהם, זהותם ועתידם. באמצעות שילוב של  עבודות לימוד אקדמיות , התנדבות , טיולים וחוויה משמעותית בחברה הישראלית , המשתתפים חוזרים הביתה עם כישורי חיים יקרים , כדי להפיק את המרב מתקופת הלימודים שלהם.

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