STARTUP programs 


ISE (Israel Start Up Experiencie)

Running from March till November, young professionals ages 18-20 can experience 8 months in Israel on this unforgettable program. Improve your knowledge and learn about successful enterprises, Israeli start-ups, build on your business leadership skills, throughout this internship experience. Achieve new skills for life by joining the IDF's Marva experience or train and assist with Magen David Adom ambulance service. During the program, experience living in Tel Aviv with friends and discover Israel via the amazing tours provided.

Program details: 

» Stage 1 (Live in Tel Aviv | Hebrew Ulpan | MDA volunteering).

» Stage 2 (Marva with IDF).

» Stage 3 (Business and leadership course).

» Stage 4 (Mind opening + ideas incubator | Business English course | Vocational orientation).

» Stage 5 (Start up + Big company’s practices | Business meetings after office).


Onward Maccabi

18-20 year old young professionals can participate in a 2-month internship experience and unforgettable program. Work to enhance leadership and business skills while meeting with successful enterprises and start-up companies.  Learn new skills that will assist you for the rest of your life, experience living in Tel Aviv with friends and discover Israel via amazing touring opportunities.

Program details: 

» 2 Month intership.

» Live in Tel Aviv, heart of the Start-Up Nation, middle of silicon wadi.

» Meet & greet Top Biz leaders and entrepreneurs.

» “All altogether now” Shabbaton + seminars.

» Touring Israel.


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